The Stonewall Riots were started by trans PoC, and making a movie about it, directed by a cis white guy, and starring a cis white guy. is probably one of the biggest slaps in the face to the trans community to date. Transwomen of color started the riots, and were swept under the rug as drag queens by the cis gay community. Making the movie with white cis male actors is disgusting and transphobic as hell.



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My goal is to be brave enough to dress like this one day. Everyone is talking about summer diets in the office. My co-worker is talking about how she’s “too fat” to wear shorts and she’s a size 5. I need to find center in myself and love myself enough to not give a fuck about any of these comments which in the past tore me apart.








"White Man March"

things to think about. 

"this white man march reminds me of something but i Kant Kwite Kall it to mind" bye

and he killing part is most white people consign on this type of bullshit. They may not be outchea here matching out in the streets like some damn fools but they follow/preach the same ideology but I’m sleep

I’m with that one tweet saying this is scary. Cuz it really is. Last time white men decided they were being discriminated against, the KKK and the Tea Party was born.

this is what “you can be racist against white people” will get you